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Founder: Candace Hight

Pearls With Purpose, Inc. (PWP), the God-given vision of Candace Hight, Founder/CEO commenced in April 2013. After communicating with a group of young ladies who were indecisive about life after high school, Candace desired a way to help motivate and encourage them to set personal goals in life.  She immediately devised a plan to serve as mentor and role model that would allow her to help young ladies discover and live out their God-given purpose. Hence, Pearls With Purpose, Inc. was born.


The first meeting was held in April 2013 with only a few girls in attendance. However, Candace kept the faith and continued to recruit and encourage young ladies to be a part of this phenomenal organization.  They are addressed as PEARLS to remind them of their worth and embrace that they are valuable treasures. Currently, PWP empowers over 40+ members and continues thrive as a 501c3 non-profit organization.